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Integrative Physical Therapy

Cranial Sacral Therapy

Infants, children and adults:

A gentle hands-on therapy that locates and releases restrictions in the connective tissue, fascia, to support alignment, nervous system, motor, vascular and respiratory health. It relieves pain, trauma, inflammation and stress from the body as it promotes healing by tapping into our own “Healer”.

Integrative Physical Therapy

Uses broad spectrum Physical Therapy interventions by bringing conventional and alternative therapies together.


Focus is on birth trauma and nursing difficulties which are treated through Cranial Sacral Therapy.  Developmental delays are addressed by applying Neuromuscular developmental treatments ( NDT ).

Womens Health

Covering issues such as pregnancy, birth trauma, post partum, nursing, motherhood, menopause.

Cold Laser

Is non-invasive and specific wavelength of light that interacts positively with soft tissue healing, soft tissue restrictions and pain management.


Restorative yoga for musculo-skeletal rehabilitation, integrating physical therapy exercises with yoga.


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Helga Lang Stepping into Helga’s office, you realize immediately that you have come to a unique place of peace and healing. But it is her extensive knowledge combined with her inquisitive nature that makes you realize you are in a safe environment. READ MORE
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After 35+ years as a physical therapist, Helga has decided to retire. She will continue to cherish the time with her clients and thanks them all for their support and work over the years. Here's to retirement!