Cranial Sacral Therapy




I am of the opinion that all infants and newborn should receive Cranial Sacral Therapy, right after birth and throughout their childhood to

facilitate those ever important developmental milestones.

Cranial Sacral Therapy is treatment of choice with:

  • Breastfeeding problems
  • Latching problems
  • Babies who prefer one breast over the other when nursing
  • Babies who have a head turning preference ( 80% prefer head rotation to right )
  • Babies who “dislike” tummy time
  • Babies who feel “off” and are uncomfortable in their body
  • Fussy babies
  • Babies who have had early on medical intervention
  • Babies who have digestive issues such as gas, spitting up, reflux
  • Babies who don’t sleep

As we become adults and experiencing life, cranial sacral therapy can help with

  • Release of soft tissue restrictions and scar tissue
  • Soft tissue injuries and pain
  • Trauma and injuries ( from birth to auto accidents)
  • Improved posture and associated movements
  • Brain related injuries such as concussion
  • Improved communication between both sides of the brain
  • Organizing and realigning of muscular-skeletal system around midline
  • Reducing toxic load
  • Dental issues including TMJ dysfunction
  • Learning disabilities
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Depression
  • Somato- emotional release in a supportive and safe environment


Helga’s Education:

Helga’s extensive education in cranial sacral therapy (CST) training started with the Upledger Institute in 2002 followed by training with Carol Gray  and since 2013 advanced courses in CST with Etienne Peirsman of Belgium in Santa Fe, NM at New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts:

  • Sphenoid Studies and Intelligent Course:

When I child is born there are many pressures on the skull. After birth the normal hardening of these bones locks the skull into “baby position”. By flexibility  and alignment of the cranial base and by creating space, it will allow the brain to work optimum in a whole new avenue of intelligence.

  • Talking to the Heart and the Birth of Love Course:

Talking to the heart will give the body, organs and cells a chance to express themselves directly without the interference of the mind.  One will engage in the intelligence of cells and organs and speak directly to the structures inside the body, releasing blockages from around the heart and heart protector in order for healing to occur.

  • Allowing Expression and Listening Course:

Focus is on TMJ dysfunction and opens up the muscles and tendon of the jaw, hard / soft palate and ears by doing mouth work. Dysfunctions that arise from dental interventions such as braces, implants and negative input from others are addressed and the roll of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system interconnected with the brain.

  • Working with the Alarm Systems Course:

Survival is the main goal of our body, so that we can fulfill our life task and evolve. The Reticular Alarm System and the total Stress Cascade Response is explored and how to release it in the body. We learn how to take ourselves off ‘automatic pilot’ and consciously direct our own Stress Cascade. A stress reaction that hasn’t been fully expressed remains in the body as stored energy in form of stress hormones that can influence daily life.

  • Eyes, Vision and Education Course:

The eyes record everything we encounter. Understanding the anatomy and connection to Thalamus and Visual Cortex will help to release the energy they had to absorb.  Understanding and exploring the drag the Medulla and Cerebellum has on the brainstem and the function of the visual cortex will help to reverse the direction of vision, resulting of eyes that also can look within.

Once you understand that the world as it is presented to us in ‘not’ the real world, only then does it become possible to ‘see’ the real world.

  • The Immune System and Working with the Stem Cells course:

This system is governed by the Thymus and array of organs, such as the Spleen, Liver and the entire Lymphatic System. There is constantly repair and replacement of tissue using stem cells to bring body to optimal healthfulness. Specialized immune system is explored which is responsible for maintaining the health of the Brain and Spinal Cord within the Dura Mater. In this unique environment we have totally different fluids and specialized Glia and Stem Cells working in the “Glymphatic System that was just discovered one year ago.

  • Babies and Small Children Course:

All babies from the very beginning are perfect. Look into a baby’s eye and you will find innocence, perfection and love. Including and beyond our techniques, we will see how to really communicate with the intelligence of babies, to welcome them into this world and find them still at the source from which they have come to us in life. Herein lies the true secret of our work. To make real contact with a new being, to give and receive love, to come in tune and correct birth experiences and release birth traumas.

Seldom is a birth perfect and we usually realize these things well after the event. The same goes for how we bring up our children and as every parent knows, we make lots of mistakes in the process. This work is a chance to correct some of the ‘wrongs’. One session with a baby or child can set the life course in a new, healthier direction.

  • Brain 1 Course:

Understanding and releasing brain nuclei, cross patterns, unwinding, inviting, intent, NO-MIND.

‘The Brain is always curious and it will come to you’

  • Brain 2 Course:

From Subconcious to Conscious – Deep Nuclei Release

After 35+ years as a physical therapist, Helga has decided to retire. She will continue to cherish the time with her clients and thanks them all for their support and work over the years. Here's to retirement!