Yoga Class

“In the fall of 2008, I enrolled in a Yoga class at Sachi Wellness Center in West Linn, Oregon entitled “Gentle Stretch & Awareness”. I was drawn to the title since I had reached age 66 and had experienced a number of Yoga Instructors and classes in past years which often resulted in creating more physical problems than solutions. I discovered that Helga Lang was not only a trained Yoga Instructor, but also a Physical Therapist and her approach was very supportive and therapeutic. Her background lends itself to meeting the needs and modifications for each individual student with specific physical conditions resulting from ageingdaily stress, or injury. At age 69 and three years of participation in Helga’s classes, I look forward to every Yoga Session. It regularly provides me not only with a restorative feeling of well- being and awareness of my own physiology, but also useful practical methods of stretching that can be done independently at home. Helga continues to learn and explore new techniques and ideas that she shares in her class sessions. I am grateful for the opportunity to have her as my instructor.”

– December 2011

“Following recovery from a burst L1 vertebra I found my strength and flexibility diminished and my overall movements tentative. I had completed my prescribed physical therapy and needed to find a way to continue my journey of healing and strengthening. I found that path in Helga Lang’s “Stretch and Awareness Yoga” course. Helga’s training as a physical therapist provided me the confidence to attempt to bend, stretch and twist as I thought I never would again. Three years later I have achieved improved strength, flexibility and a better awareness of myself. I attribute my achievements to Helga’s gentle guidance and support – I cannot thank her enough nor recommend her more highly.”

-Pam North



“Helga Lang is an exceptional pediatric physical therapist. She has been working with our toddler grandson for the past six months and has provided creative and effective treatment. Because of his shortened attention span and his inability to follow multiple directions at once, Helga works with him at his developmental level to gain consistent results. She has an arsenal of techniques that are not only fun and playful for the child but therapeutic. She has a gift for working with children. We recommend Helga Lang to anyone seeking therapy for their baby, toddler or child.” 

-Phil and PJ Bailey

“When my son was 2 months old, he was diagnosed with torticollis. I am a first-time mother, so I was very nervous and scared. Helga Lang was recommended to my for infant cranial. From the beginning, she was wonderful! She was great with my son, so engaging and fun! She not only explained everything to me in terms I easily understood, she also lent me a wonderful book that explained what cranial was. I was very comfortable with Helga. She has a wonderful understanding of infants. Her sessions where fun, relaxed and very informative. I feel very lucky to have had Helga work with my son. I would recommend Helga Lang to anyone looking for an experienced, understanding and fun physical therapist!”

-Athena Vivanc

General Testimonials

“My experience with Helga surpassed my expectations.  I was referred to Helga by another practitioner who was unable to help my neck after an automobile accident.  I was experiencing horrible neck spasms and pain on a frequent basis. At my first visit, Helga listened to my concerns and developed an individualized treatment plan for my symptoms.  Helga provided me with quick and simple exercises, which required little to no equipment. The combination of in-office treatments, take-home exercises, and attention to my unique needs resulted in a pain-free neck with no more neck spasms. Helga’s attention to her clients is genuine and can be felt as soon as you meet her.  Her wealth of knowledge about physical therapy and enthusiasm for providing life-long tools for wellness is obvious when you meet her.  Helga improved my quality of life, and for that, I am very grateful .”



“As a board certified lactation consultant I see many mothers and babies coping with feeding issues or postpartum concerns.  I frequently refer my clients to Helga Lang due to her comprehensive and compassionate care.   Helga is a skilled physical therapist and combines various techniques and healing modalities in order to optimize and individualize care. I appreciate Helga’s holistic and personalized approach to wellness and I see outstanding results with the work she does for my clients. Thank you Helga for the healing presence and professionalism you provide!”

-Melissa Cole, IBCLC, RLC

I had been having trouble with breastfeeding.  The Dr. who took care of my daughters tongue tie recommended Helga to help improve her latch.  I began taking my daughter to Helga when she was just 2 weeks old.  It really put my mind at ease when Helga offered to demonstrate what she would be doing on me before she did it to my baby.  Helga is very gentle and in tune with both mother and baby’s needs.  After a handful of visits to Helga for craniosacral therapy and work with a lactation consultant, my daughters latch was much improved. Breastfeeding is going great!

-Molly Carnahan

Helga worked with my twin daughters for several months and throughout all our visits, I found her to be very warm, thoughtful, and informative.  She took the time to listen to all the various details of their health and was very helpful in describing the different kind of treatments and benefits.  Aside from the therapy which I found very beneficial to the twins, it was fun to share experiences and learn from each other.  I know my girls benefited from Helga’s treatment, but I did as well!  She was able to help me with some c-section recovery and wrist pain.  I looked forward to our appointments and enjoyed the calm and relaxing atmosphere!
-Josephine Vu

After 35+ years as a physical therapist, Helga has decided to retire. She will continue to cherish the time with her clients and thanks them all for their support and work over the years. Here's to retirement!